The Distance Between - before/after

What's New: (wheneverish blogish entries)

03/10/2011 - I've been working on my novel The Last Great Gasp. Often when I stop to think about one idea or another, while considering a painting or a story, stray thoughts or images enter my head. In this case the stray thought is based on my Elemental Phases: Space evolves like a viral infection because relationships require legitimate fields of concourse.

12/12/2010 - Here is the next roll-out of Chapter 1 in my SciFi novel. It has not been edited yet so there are bound to be changes made before any printing is done.

08/21/10 - Started stretching the canvas for my next painting, and the stapler crapped out 1/2 way through. Added a term to the Urban Dictionary: (misspelled a word somewhere in the definition, /sigh) Decision Void. Please vote your opinon, thumbs up or thumbs down. I created the term to be used in my novel The Last Great Gasp. If you have read the 1st chapter be aware I will cut it down significantly and disperse it through-out the rest of the novel. The chapter is too long.

08/14/10 - Use this link to play with the new Series Gallery setup. You will notice that the link to Part of the Dream is broken. This is because I will be reworking the image soonish.

07/17/10 - Testing a link and a page entry. The Distance Between. That worked so I made a second, Not Meant To Last Forever. I'll need to make changes to them... later.

06/10/10 - The 2nd image colors are more accurate, the 1st image was shot with a far inferior camera. I both darkened and added details to the central tower in the newer (2nd) image. The 1st image was highly Photoshoped to create similar darks.

01/06/08 - Added four new Prints pages to the website. These are their only links at the moment: The Coal Burners, Flatworld, Flow Study 01, and The Ravings of a Lunatic.

12/30/07 - Added the two new paintings: LavaAir and MudRain-Bow to the available paintings gallery.

10/14/07 - Added three more images to the Chance Meeting Ani,

08/05/07 - Lines Within Lines has a new home. Visit the owner's website: http://www.storm-k.com/ Check out his download page. He wrote and performed them. I like `em!