Take a sheet of paper and call it Passion:

an infinity of non-distance, non-time

twisting its impassioned implications (Planck level)

into continuing patterns woven

by “intent vectors” in communion. (Planck mass)


Upon that sheet resides a novel of pages, (multi-branes)


intent vectors realized into extended relationships: (particles and elements)

a page for quarks, a page for atoms

one grew into a tree, another into a flea, (life)

each its own level of agenda understood to be.


The pages don’t turn

and the spaces they earn

are gathered at Passions singularity

where that single iteration creates infinite potential connection.


These pages, passion inspired,

whose “Words” reach only forward entreating,

also work backward retired

to resolve each word and their meetings.


When connections add and grow

time makes its show

as each step from Passions singularity

brings forth definition and clarity.


In Justin’s world time is an effect of relationships.


Because Justin believes relationships require resolution like the ticking of a clock. One association materializes; then another.