Divides of Spaces

A line between two spaces
divides evocative places:

The upper images you see,
depicted as “real” as can be,
are defined by erudite paces.
The substructures I envisioned,
curious of life’s precision,
are based on topological graces.

The second line you see
(drawn vertically)
is there to define
the place in your mind
where perception consults with awareness.

Here the mind's eye
associates memories’ comprise
and “place” becomes enhanced of definition.

Though mind filled is true
and knowledge the cue
the most important trick still stands before you

This ability divine
grows by design
and goes by the name of clarity.

It's a dance that proceeds
straight through the weeds
to deliver an obvious verity.

How this does work
is by personal quirk
driven by desires sincerity.