The Certainty of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty

Life is made up of intentions,
from a simple declaration of space:

I am a thing that needs to be
I intend to make it happen:
From within a single infinity
I obtain relationships and grow.
As connections I make through affinity
my space and time does show.

Life is made up of intentions,
from that simple declaration of space,
to the relatively complex need to quench ones thirst:

I feel a thing that needs to be
it moves me towards completion;
(I reach to pick up a glass of water)
at the apex of my fulfillment -> the achievement of my intent.
(I drink from the glass.)
And now I must deal with the dust
of the things that got me there.
(I place the empty glass back on the table.)

Intent starts as a wave,
completes itself as/at an apex,
then resolves itself as a “back end” wave

The only uncertainties of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty are the character relationships that give rise to the determination apex; where their “point” (their electron) touches the surface of our world.

(about the elements)
While some choices make no show,
they cause relationships to affect "improvement"
thereupon boundaries do newly grow.
And that change appears as movement.