In Justin’s World

This is Justin Abbott Anybody’s World. It's a world based within a different set of ideas. Big ideas, like the marriage of poetry and mathematics, or a discipline called Sub Quantum Sociology... It's also a world of interpretation, like this idea:


      While some choices make no show

they cause relationships to affect “improvement.”

Thereupon the association does newly grow.

And that change “appears” as movement.


If you think I’m talking about people I’m also talking about atoms and the elements. In Justin’s World one is often the poetic reference to the other.


In Justin’s World


In Justin’s World the Universe didn’t start with a bang. And it’s not made up of weights, measurements, sliding algorithmic equations, or even the idea of chaos. (Those are just tools of assessment.)

In Justin’s World the Universe began and begins everything from within a singularity of passion, a singular space and time; all encompassing from within.

That’s how it works out in Justin’s world because Justin believes Passion makes everything happen. It doesn’t need a brain or even a conditioned / reflexive / instinctive response.

If Passion is,
Passion does.


Even with nothing else around Passion alone has the capacity to fill emptiness with implications. Implications more subtle than a kiss on “butterfly wings.”

With that singular type of occurrence implications define themselves. And devoid of knowing or understanding they steer Passion towards existence whenever, at least, a pair of them happen upon a relationship.


Relationships are the only true verification of the reality between us.
(I can sit here and think all the crazy thoughts I want to but only through relationships will I be made to know whether or not my expectations are real.)


The moment the very first relationship occurred is also when several other implications began to passionately “believe” in their behaviors. They began to “sing” themselves as their patterns, the definition of their intent.


“Intentions” subject to relationships become intent vectors.
Fixated intent vectors eventually gave rise to the Big Bang.
(In Justin’s World their fixation is a matter of time.)