Intent Into Life

This work was inspired by the impulse I experience, once in a while, to walk up and touch a beautiful painting.

The image is based on the design of main CPUs in computers. The hand pads represent the pads on the CPU where it becomes connected to the mother board. It is invited that the viewer walk up and touch their fingers to the hand pads. (They are painted in acrylic for just that reason.) Their intention to do so is the point of the painting. Intent is a spark of life.

Intent into Life
(Begins with Passion)

To act without thought,
to touch without reason,
these things we may do
on the whim of a season.

Where do these come from?
Where do they lead us?
Are we dancing our own steps,
or are we being danced by some greater ballet?

This simple compulsion
comes from our depths
it’s the sort of propulsion
which gave the elements breadth

With thought not required,
because Passion inspired;
the dancing, that touch and some chatter
are also what makes up matter.

Through connection of character
derived from intent
(while chaotic debris gives its own bent)

They stack without layers
these intention life players
in their spaces defined by a dance
where extended relational oddities
convert into being Commodities

A simple little trick (intent)
makes a magical flick.