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My original intent was to illustrate sunlight "falling like rain." I realized I could not clearly show anything if I attempted to draw it with 3 dimensional illusions. I needed the simplicity of 2 dimensions. That resulted in Flatman, and all sorts of flatcritters. with stories of their own.

Completed: © 1982 Mitchell L. Allen
Pencil on Arches paper.

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  • The prices you see are all based on what you would pay if you saw the painting at my home and took it with you when you left.
  • Additions to the prices I list on this website include, but are not limited to:
    1. Commissions on sales listed by art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops, host websites, etc.
    2. Crating, shipping, handling: all costs in transporting the work to your choice of destinations.
    3. Any and all applicable taxes.
  • My paintings are framed by me before sale, (with few exceptions) and that cost is included. I prefer my frames because they do not hide even a fraction of the surface I intended to paint. However if you do not like the frame I put on the painting it is no big chore for me to remove it. Exception: Intangibles Art works will not be re-framed.

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24" x 26"
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