The Last Great Gasp (Chapter 1)

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A Story to Tell

The Arrival

[Time Stamp: 10/21/2696 07:21:35]

The morning is warm and getting warmer; thickening an atmosphere so pregnant with moisture you could feel the air birthing water droplets. Rain passed through the area several hours ago leaving numerous puddles. Now low clouds and a heavy fog surround the local spaceport, shrouding the edges of the 200 meter square landing pad. And though the day is brightening towards 07:30 am, glowing vibrant blue landing lights still shine intensely from within the pavement.

Beyond, verdant rolling hills are lost in a muddy green haze, washed out completely when you look towards the lights.

At any other time this would have been the beginning of another uncomfortably wet day. But for this occasion on this day Jeremiah considers the close atmosphere disturbing. Thusly for him the blue lights seem cold, the atmosphere heavy with dread.

Directly above the central landing clamps the clouds begin to glow bright white, evaporating, as a single occupant ship descends.

Jeremiah Tahn, the Social Protection Board’s chosen ambassador, unnecessarily takes two steps back while observing the ship’s descent.

He is the only living creature standing on the landing pad.

The ship settles onto the central clamps and begins to power down. Moments later a stark line appears on the top of the craft, running lengthwise down the middle.

Quickly the line defines a slightly larger than two meters long rectangle on the ship’s starboard side. With eye disturbing rapidity the volume within the rectangle “melts” away to form a set of steps.

As this process concludes it becomes apparent the cargo, laying flat on its back, had been so tightly incased there was no space between it and the craft.

M-1 lifts its arms, “cachick, cachick,” and places them just outside the trough in which it lays. With a slight thrust it separates its upper torso from the ship, “click.” It then sits up, transfers its weight to its arms, detaches its hips, “ca-chick’” and then drives upwards. Once its rear clears the shallow compartment it gathers its legs underneath itself, plants its feet and pushes to its full standing height.

It proceeds to walk down the steps, stopping at the bottom.

M-1 is 2 meters tall, unltra thin, yet “human” in proportion and design: two legs, two arms, chest and hips, hands and feet, and a head.

Its can shaped head, with a rounded top, sports a built in three inch wide, encircling sensor/display band; currently exhibiting a full range of beige tones.

Other than the sensor band, and its joint connections; its entire body is covered with a mirror reflective surface.

Behind M-1 the ship closes back upon its self; reforming the space in which its occupant had lain.

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