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My short Art History:

Art started out as something cool to put on my walls. I was a kid - it was about drawing comic book super heroes, and villains. But then copying got to be too easy for me. So I decided, determinedly, to create works of my own - original works. OMG how I floundered through the rest of junior high, all through high school, and into my second year of college. I spun my wheels until just learning things began to inspire my curiosity about the world around me.

After that second year in college I started creating works that addressed major issues such as: religion (Rewarming the Last Supper), War, the atomic bomb (Judgment), and of coarse "Man's inhumanity to Mitch." (This was Mitch on comic books and college.) Art was about study and social commentary.

Since college I have been studying physics in a purely layman sort of way. What got me started was a comment from a close friend who described sunlight as "packets of energy" (Thank you Mr. Wiggins!) Flatworld and The Elemental Phases came from my studies of trying to describe what I see in my mind when I thought of that comment: patterns, lots of pretty patterns, laced and latticed. Art has become the wonder of knowledge expressed with an appreciation for beauty.

Organon: a system of principles for philosophic or scientific investigations; an instrument for acquiring knowledge.

What a wonderful word to use when defining the word Art.

Statement of visual perspective: